ΥΦΟΣ περιοδικό για τα γράμματα

ΥΦΟΣ περιοδικό για τα γράμματα
«O άνθρωπος πρέπει κάθε μέρα ν᾽ακούει ένα γλυκό τραγούδι, να διαβάζει ένα ωραίο ποίημα, να βλέπει μια ωραία εικόνα και, αν είναι δυνατόν, να διατυπώνει μερικές ιδέες. Αλλιώτικα χάνει το αίσθημα του καλού και την τάση προς αυτό…». Γκαίτε

Δευτέρα, 19 Αυγούστου 2013

Vladimir Spivakov & Hibla Gerzmava

The eight yearly festival «Hibla Gerzmava invites » took place in Abkhazia in 2009. This year festival was born together with the new millennium in 2001. The festival is possible thanks to the support of the leaders and government of the Republic of Abkhazia. Today, the festival of classical music Hibla Gerzmava invites became the most important cultural event taking place in Abkhazia. 2009 festival was dedicated to the jubilee of Fazil Iskander. Following the example of the great Fazil Iskander, Hibla Gerzmava strives glorifying her motherland in the worlds culture. 
This years festival was conducted in the Abkhazian Government Philharmonic, just opened after the renovation.
The main event of the festival dedicated to the jubilee of Fazil Iskander performance of the chamber orchestra Virtuosi Moskvi
Conductor Maestro Vladimir Spivakov, Soloist Hibla Gerzmava. The concert took place thanks to the invaluable friendly support of Andrey Dudko. Svyatoslav Belsa was the presenter of this cultural event.

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